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As a fifth generation farmer, Makayla fell in love with the farm at a young age and knew the agriculture industry was the place for her career. In 2013 she began marketing on a small scale by developing marketing and advertising materials for her family's annual cattle production sale and her interest has grown ever since. She was convinced if she could work with someone like her Dad, who handed her hand written sale catalog footnotes on used feed sacks, she could work with any client. 

Following graduation from Missouri State University in 2018, Makayla decided to branch out from her family's sale and acquire family and friends as her clientele. Shortly after, she named her
self-started business Dusk to Dawn Marketing and is now helping farmers and ranchers promote their businesses for the generations
to come.

When she's not on the road or on the computer, she enjoys working in the show barn, being in the hayfield and devouring the best plate of brisket and double cheeseburgers she
can find.

Born and raised in Moberly,
Missouri, Brooke now calls Nashville, Tennessee home. After graduating from the University of Missouri in 2017, she moved to Tennessee to pursue a career in graphic design. 


She likes her coffee strong and her country music live. Since her cousin Makayla started Dusk to Dawn in 2018, Brooke has been helping her edit photos and videos and create various marketing materials and websites. 

Brooke grew up on the other side of the livestock industry. She worked at her dad's award-winning meat shop, Country Meat Shop, in Moberly for almost seven years before moving out of state. She holds the agriculture field close to her heart as many of her family members and close friends have careers in the field (LITERALLY). 


When she's not behind a computer, she likes driving around exploring Middle Tennessee in her Mustang and going to concerts.

Growing up along side of her Mom (Makayla), Hope has always loved life on the farm. She enjoys checking cows on the gator and anything that involves riding in the tractor with her Mom. 

Although she keeps her Mom on her toes, she is pretty good 
help when she stays on task and away from the cats. 

Hope does her best work outside the picture pen on picture day.
 She enjoys sitting in the driver seat of the gator, making sure everyone's heads are up and ears are forward. On big days she might even get to join in the pen. 
When she's not on the gator or riding co-pilot on the way to the next farm, she enjoys watching squirrels off the front porch, playing ball and eating cheeseburgers. 


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